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We are SIDCO Ltd. trading as Taylor Made Lofts

We specialise in loft conversions and have over six years experience in this field. We handle jobs all over the Greater London and M25 region. We are also involved in works such as extensions and refurbishments. With our experience we can assure all our customers of a high quality finish and to complete all our works on time. We stick to what we say ensuring that all our customers get the same high standard of service from the start of a loft conversion right the way through to the all important finish.

Honest note

In this current climate we can not say with any certainty what the economy will do. The fact is the “credit crunch” is here and it is going to be here for some time. What has happened and is still happening to the economy is a long way off from being properly understood by anyone. When the situation begins to be understood then we may have a chance of being nearer to the time when stability returns.

In the meantime property prices are showing signs of negative change and other major changes are taking place most importantly in our psyche as a whole. We need like never before to be prudent because we just do not know what may be around the corner. It is not possible for us to say that your house price is going to go up by such and such because of a loft conversion in this economic climate.

It is more important that you look into things more carefully because of the uncertainty in the economy and the whole world. We advise all our potential customers to shop around as always but then only to a reasonable three or four quotes. More than that becomes too confusing and problematic in it’s self.

One lesson for us all is to avoid debt as much as possible and to think long and hard before taking on any further debt. So if it is necessary for you to consider a loft conversion on your home then we assure you that we are ideally suited to quote for it. We have a very competitive pricing structure and with our experienced, honest approach your decision will be safe with us.

Some of our competitors have prices that match their company sizes and the fact remains that they deliver nothing more than us.

Choose us for one of your three quotes. We can assure you we can step up to the mark with the big boys in this field but we are small enough to care with a hands on working practise with all our contracts.
We build all types of loft conversions. We deal with projects inside the M25 & Greater London area. We handle all aspects of the projects from start to finish.

We build the loft from preparation through to steels and then onwards through the various stages to the completed loft conversion. more..
How much will my loft conversion cost?
Will there be a lot of mess and inconvenience to me and my family?
How long will it take?
How quickly can you start?
Is the work Guaranteed?
Do you handle electrics and plumbing?

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